Phia El ain El sokhna - دايركشن العقارية
38 ش عباس العقاد مدينة نصر - القاهرة

Phia Il Monte Galala El ain El sokhna

Phia Il Monte Galala El ain El sokhna Phia Il Monte Galala El ain El sokhna Phia Il Monte Galala El ain El sokhna Phia Il Monte Galala El ain El sokhna Phia Il Monte Galala El ain El sokhna
Phia Il Monte Galala El ain El sokhna Phia Il Monte Galala El ain El sokhna Phia Il Monte Galala El ain El sokhna Phia Il Monte Galala El ain El sokhna Phia Il Monte Galala El ain El sokhna

Phia Il monte Galala El Ain El Sokhna Project is the first project established in Ain Sokhna to be a new and distinct in life of many ,

This is because it is designed to fit all people and in a high style and highest quality and designs, where there is in

phia project has many features and suitable services.

The owner of phia El Ain El Sokhna :

Tatweer Misr is interested in creating a new different look at the investment of real estate market. This is because it is one of the major

companies working in this field since several years , so it became one of the successful urban companies that have accomplished

Many mega projects that enjoy privacy and luxury. The following is the accomplishment progress in this advanced project, which the

company has paid much attention to and worked to develop and grow in a distinct way, which has established many other projects,

which are:

Fouka Bay North Coast. Bloom Fields New Cairo. IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna.

And many other brilliant projects that serve many citizens, as was the achievement that Tatweer Misr presented

 in these projects is an excellent business which has made it a leading company.

Phia el Ain el Sokhna Area and Location

This project enjoys a great geographical position and this is because of it is in the middle of Ain Sokhna, where located at the beginning

of the Galala road, and is very close to Porto Sokhna project, which is away approximately 11 kilometers, while the Movenpick Hotel,

which is located at the beginning of the Galala road is a distance away The Emirates Gas Station 7 km away.

These places are giving the site a great geographic location, where it is near the sea and overlooking the sandy beaches, where you can

enjoy the air and water at any time, it is an integrated sites where there is a large range of services and distinctive global features that

provide you life happy.

This project spread on an area of ​​30 acres and is one of the projects located in Monte Galala, which overlooks the entire project directly

on the sea, and is designed in the form of terraces take a height up to 5 meters and be far from the sea surface approximately 90

meters, which was designed from Inside in a new way in order to feel comfortable .

Phia Il Monte Galala el Ain el Sokhna Detalis and Amenties

The entire project is designed in a Greek way with different works and a unique style of decorations and paints, where the colors chosen

give you a quiet and distinctive impression, you will always feel comfortable and relaxed , the owner has worked to

divide the project in an innovative way to be a full-service project that meets all requirements.

Design of project Phia Ain Sokhna

The company has chosen a new innovative way to implement the latest and best designs in the project Phia Ain Sokhna, it is one of

the huge projects established by Tatweer Misr and it was the last project that implemented in this period, and hired the best and best

group of engineers Who are working on a different decorations.

This project has taken a lot of attention from people in various neighboring countries and this is one of the most successful works and

construction projects provided by the company, and worked on the implementation of the best services and luxury residential units.The

project was provided with landscape and large green spaces to make you feel happy and satisdied.

Phia Ain Sokhna Project Services :

Phia has become the first project to provide many services and life requirements that helps you To provide a decent life , the

services were created in a new way with a high level of luxury and excellence like :

Providing the best Crystal Lagoons project takes up an area of ​​3200 square meters, it is a large crystal lake and give the appearance of

the wonderful turquoise water.

Having a range of different swimming pools that have been distributed over the entire project area, suitable for all ages.

Providing a wide range of international restaurants and cafes that are famous for their best food and beverages.

Providing the largest shopping mall containing a range of shops that meets all the requirements.

The best fishing, yacht, mountain climbing and sports fields.

A set of security and guarding spread over the entire project area to protect the place.

As well as many other services and business that can help you to provide a dignified and always bright life,

so make the right decision and deal with Tatweer Misr in order to get the best fully equipped housing units.

Prices and areas of residential units in Phia Ain Sokhna

our prices are helping everyone to own a housing unit at the lowest cost because the company has allocated

an amount of 2 million Egyptian pounds for the housing unit, where the price per meter is in the rate of 8 thousand

pounds, it is necessary to know the payment systems of the project and all Features and services you want.

The spaces inside have been provided in a new way

And innovative are available as follows:

Providing several residential units of chalets starting from 109 meters up to 140 square meters.

Providing several residential units from Twin House starting from 175 square meters and up to 200 square meters.

Provide several residential units of villas starting from 288 square meters.

The provision of several residential units of duplexes starting from 155 square meters.

Payment Plans :

we have provided installment services as follows:

0% down payment with the rest of the installments in equal installments 9 years.

A 10% down payment will be paid after three months, 10% will be paid and the remaining amount will be paid

in accordance with the agreement with the company.

For Info and What’s App Please Call: 


بيانات المشروع
اسم المشروعPhia Il Monte Galala El ain El sokhna
الموقعالعين السخنة
نبذة عن المشروعاحدث مشروعات شركة تطوير مصر يقع بالقرب من مدينة الجلالة في العين السخنة
نوع الوحداتشاليهات , فلل , تاون هاوس , توين هاوس
مساحة الوحداتتبدا من 102 م2 140 م2
التشطيبنصف تشطيب
الأسعارتبدا من 2.000.000
فترة الاستلام3 سنوات
أنظمة السداد0% حتى 10 سنوات

عقارات مميزة

بورتو هليوبوليس مصر الجديدة

بورتو هليوبوليس مصر الجديدة


1,089,000 جنيه مصري

بلو مول العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة

بلو مول العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة


0,000,000 جنيه مصري

سين سيفين العاصمة الادارية الجديدة Scene 7 New Capital

سين سيفين العاصمة الادارية الجديدة Scene 7 New Capital


1,500,000 جنيه مصري

جولدن يارد العاصمة الادارية

جولدن يارد العاصمة الادارية


1,470,000 جنيه مصري