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North Edge Towers New Alamein

North Edge Towers New Alamein City

One of the largest projects currently being implemented in the North Coast , as a part of the large

international projects on the land of Egypt, the new city of Alamein by City Edge Developments

constructing in order to create an industrial tourism city integrated tourism in the northern coast, to

relieve pressure on major cities such as Cairo, Alexandria, The new city of Alamein is very similar to the

new capital in terms of the form of mega projects being progressed , to be the first million city in the

northern coast where the new city of Alamein will include the new North Edge Towers New Alamein A

group of residential and tourist towers will be built by a huge group of companies like (Hassan Allam

Orascom – Durra – Redkon – Siac – Arab Contractors) – surrounded by the world’s commercial and

entertainment centers. City Edge Real Estate Development Company has set up to change the

lifestyle of the northern coast from being a tourist resort has certain visit times per year

to a residential city that offers the greatest Year round.

North Edge Towers North Coast Area and Location

The project is located in the area of the “new city of Alamein”, located within the administrative

of the government of Marsa Matrouh, also 48 km of the international road (Alexandria – Matrouh),

spread on total area of almost 48,000 acres, also more than 60 km south of the coastline, and a city plan to

Populate almost more than 3 million people. North Edge Alamein Project is 54 km from Alamein

International Airport and about 89 km from Burj Al Arab Airport.

The towers are located on the main roads, most notably the Petroleum Road, Wadi Al-Natroun, Al

Alamein Road and the International Coastal Road, so making it easy to reach from any direction.

North Edge Towers North Coast Details And facilities

On an area of almost 50 thousand acres divided into distinctive residential towers with a distinctive

view of the sea and industrial lakes , 15 international towers in the coastal area of the new

buildings at a height of between 27 – 40 floors Each tower has 230 units.

Therefore The North Edge New Alamein Towers offers a variety of units including apartments and chalets.

With spaces ranging from 90 m 2 to 351 m 2, with units consisting of a room to 4 bedrooms

fully equipped with air conditioning. likewise It is currently underway to constructing the city’s infrastructure.

In contrast It will be a main interface project on the sea directly and another Wonderful view on the lakes.

The leading services at North Edge Towers are:

First of all Transparent Water Beach and a 14-kilometer walkway.

Varied swimming pools.

Trails for running and cycling.

A gym equipped with the highest level of international sports equipment.

Children’s area.

Laundry and supermarket.

even more..

Car parking.

A huge commercial area with the largest number of international shops.

District of Hotels and Down town has 6 hotels.

Cultural center, opera house and museums.

Alamein huge lake.

Trade shows and outlets.

Amusement park at the highest level.

even more..

Big Library

A huge park.

Mosque and church.

Historic areas as tombs of world war.

even more..

University and schools.

Sports Clubs.

A 44-acres international medical center.

A world-class conference center for major conferences.

North Edge Towers New Alamein

Payment Plan:

Finally Book your unit Now fully finished with only 10% down payment and the

rest over 7 years equal installment.

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تفاصيل العقار:

مُعرف العقار : HI-04954
Year Built: 2022

تفاصيل اكثر:

: 10% DP


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