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La Capitale New Capital

La Capitale New Capital La Capitale New Capital La Capitale New Capital La Capitale New Capital La Capitale New Capital
La Capitale New Capital La Capitale New Capital La Capitale New Capital La Capitale New Capital La Capitale New Capital

La Capitale Compound New Administrative Capital

La Capitale Project is one of the most recent projects launched in the heart of the new capital ,

The owner of the project is Pyramids Real Estate Investment Company, and the owners of Pyramids are

two of Europe’s leading export companies, so It is a French-based international company established in

France in 2000. Where the company has provided several of the outstanding real estate projects in

Egypt since 2013:

In 6th of October City

And owns that company

Mr. Hisham El-Kholy And Mr. Alaa Al-Khouly.

La Capitale New Capital Pyramids

Because Pyramids Developments is one of the largest companies in various fields. The company finally decided

to transfer its very extensive experience to the real estate field and its great success abroad therefore,

started its projects in Egypt in 2013 in the 6th of October City end up to La Capital in the new capital –

La Capital New Capital is the first of its kind in Cairo. The company’s achievement of the project is due

to its confidence in the direction of the Egyptian state and its believe in the importance of the new capital project.

Structural modifications in the Louvre Museum.

Structural modifications in the French Parliament.

Holiday Inn Hotel in France.

La Capitale New Capital Area and Location

Located in the heart of new capital in the R7 area spread on 13 acres on the southern Ben Zayed axis. in contrast Minutes

from the exhibition city, near the Cathedral, Masa Hotel, the ministerial area, the presidential palace, the airport

and the Egyptian Opera House. above all – Villas – Twin House – Townhouse (20%) and the rest (green areas – recreational area).

La Capitale New Capital Details and Amenities

La Capital, the new capital , designed by the well-known consultant engineer Hussein Sabour, who has many

well-known and successful projects and extensive experience in the field. The project is spread on 13 acres plot

divided into 20% of construction and the remaining 80% of green and landscaped areas.

The project includes a variety of units (independent apartments – duplex apartments – penthouse) with spaces

ranging from 75 meters to 220 meters and all of them fully finish Super Lux ,likewise apartments will be regular starting

from 80 meters and you will find duplex apartments starting from 220 meters and penthouses starting from 152 meters.

La Capitale new capital

Most importantly is also has an integrated commercial area with a diverse range Of commercial malls including all brands,

A health club with a gym and spa, and all recreational activities for everyone ,

Restaurants and international cafés offering the best services almost at the highest level of satisfaction ,

The pharmacy is equipped with the highest standard and offers all the therapeutic services ,

Security and guarding throughout the day to secure the entire complex ,even more

Pyramids Real Estate is introducing La capitale This unique global project gives a new concept to the

creative architecture for each Who is looking for a decent standard of living and living class a high standard

and a balanced environment , Differ in their content from other urban communities. finally

La Capital new capital is the right choice for you in the future

It is investing for a better future for you and your family

Payment Plan:

Book your unit Now fully finished with only 10% down payment and the

rest over 15 years equal installment.

For Info & Reservation Please Call:


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اسم المشروعLa Capitale New Capital
الموقعالعاصمة الادارية
نوع الوحداتاستديو , شقق , دوبلكس
مساحة الوحداتتبدا من 67 م2 ل 240 م2
التشطيبتشطيب كامل
الأسعارتبدا من 1,702,000 جنية
فترة الاستلام3 سنوات
أنظمة السداد10 % مقدم و فترة سداد تصل حتى 15 سنوات

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مول بالم هيلز العلمين الجديدة

مول بالم هيلز العلمين الجديدة


5.700.000 جنيه مصري

Phia Il Monte Galala El ain El sokhna

Phia Il Monte Galala El ain El sokhna


2,000,000 جنيه مصري

La Capitale New Capital

La Capitale New Capital


1,702,000 جنيه مصري

سيفينتي العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة

سيفينتي العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة


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