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Front Gate Commercial New Capital

Front Gate business building Commercial New Capital

Dc CCR or El A’asema has entered new Capital with its new commercial project Front Gate New Capital ,

CCR established through a group of partners: Mr. Sherif Hamdi (Chairman), Mr. Adel Zarif and Ahmed Amer.

CCR Capital established in 1988 and specializes in real estate investment, engineering consultancy

and construction. We integrate well-known engineering consultants, real estate investment companies and

that provide us with solid ground in the market. We have brands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the

United Arab Emirates, in the field of consulting and construction, with a business volume of one billion pounds.

Previous Business in Egypt:

At fifth assembly New Cairo Mahjoub Mall and El hekma Mall

Mall in October.


The company aims to maintain our leading position in the real estate sector by developing projects that meet the

latest international standards of quality and innovation.


It provides smart, high quality and sustainable real estate projects and sets new business standards in the real estate sector.

Front Gate New Capital Area and Location

Located on the front gate at the main entrance of New Capital on El Amal axis

Within a unique location, designed to be the front gate of your company. Making it highly accessible

And easily connected to the entire area.

Located in B1 in MU 23 Commercial and on land area 4055 m 2 between residential areas

R2 and R3 on north of the new capital directly on the two main streets (120 meters and 90 meters)

In front of the Olympic Village directly overlooking the square directly, embassy area, Chinese skyscraper

oblisque, the Diamond Hotel and the Green River. This site is an extension of the current capital, linking “Cairo – Suez”

And “Cairo-Ain Sokhna”, very quick access to the regional ring road, Cairo center, 80 km city

Greater Suez, giving it a unique advantage and strategic benefits.

Front Gate New Capital Details and Facilities

The plot on which the project will be built (commercial, administrative, medical) has been allocated.

The building area is almost 1200 square meters with 30% of the total land area,

The building consists of: 2 basement, ground floor, 7 floors complete finishing with air conditioning.

As for the commercial: Core & Shell with air conditioning.

The roles of the mall are divided as follows:

2 floors for garage other uses, ground, first and second floor allocated for commercial ,

And the third, fourth, fifth and sixth roles of administrative and medical ,

The seventh is dedicated to all recreational services

For the medical and administrative, there is a VIP Lounge.

Front Gate Commercial New Capital

Design philosophy:

Engineer Mohamed Omar is the consultant and executor of the project, where the building  designed to finance the project

Make all units in the project more than one view.

Our structure is inspired by our concept of excellence and quality of services and facilities that support your business,

To achieve a working atmosphere and create a professional business network enables your business to be a front gate.

Number of buildings 1

commercial units 60

medical and administrative units 76

parking units 90

Prices and areas of Front Gate new Capital :

With areas ranging from 65 square meters to 145 square meters.

Some facilities and services in the Front Gate project Administrative capital:

Smart spaces, mix and fit your smart spacing according to your needs.

Safety 24-7, very secure commercial premises for your safety.

Enjoy VIP lounge for you and VIP guests.

Choose well lit locations and close to where your business is built.

Manage the entire business entity to make sure you find anything you need.

Meeting Rooms: They are well equipped with the latest smart technologies to facilitate your meetings

with a variety of services.

Car Care Services: We treat your vehicle as professional professional service for your car.

Inputs: We enhance the flow and convenience of your business, by creating automatic input solutions

from the front and back of your building.

We have the highest entrance security technology.

Payment Plan :

Finally Reserve Your unit now and enjoy 10 % as a Down payment.

and pay the rest on 8 years equal installments , Or 0% and the rest on 4 years equal installments .

For Info and What’s App Please Call:


تفاصيل العقار:

مُعرف العقار : HI-06831
Year Built: 2022

تفاصيل اكثر:

: 10% Dp


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