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City Stars North Coast

City Stars North Coast City Stars North Coast City Stars North Coast City Stars North Coast City Stars North Coast
City Stars North Coast City Stars North Coast City Stars North Coast City Stars North Coast City Stars North Coast

City Stars Ras Al Hikma Bay North Coast

City Stars North Coast one of the newest and best tourism villages belonging to ARCO developments

The Famous company that works in Egypt and has great previous projects like:

“City Stars Mall in Nasr City”

“City Stars Resort Sharm El Sheikh was the first in the emergence of the idea of

Crystal Lagoons in Egypt proceeded by the giant company ” Crystal Lagoons “.

“ Royal Meadows compound “ Shiehk Zayed .

It is a distinctive village in the North Coast because it is characterized by the latest international designs

of high quality by experts and they always offer the highest level of global designs.

City Stars North Coast Area and Location

City Stars located at the North Coast of Egypt on 199 km Alexandria-Matrouh road

After La Vista North Coast village And before Mountain View North Coast at Ras Al Hikma Bay area.

The resort of city stars spread On an area of ​​743 acres with a beach width 1500 meters and project

depth 2200 meter .

City Stars North Coast Details and Amenities

Chalets and Villas Spaces:

Starts with 48 square meters Cabins located directly on the beach,

And for the lovers of spacious spaces and excellence are available up to 383 square for villas ,

You will also find The Floating Chalet which is like their counterparts in the Maldives,

It is the latest and the best design found for chalets where the Chalet is held within the crystal Lagoons.

All chalets and villas watching the sea directly where the project is held with the latest international

Designs and the best design of the terraces as there are 9 levels of terraces all over the resort to ensure

all units viewing the sea at highest level of designs starts from sea zero level to 45 meters .

The Project contains many and many different services :

project contains 3 hotels all 5-stars :

Swiss Inn



And an Exclusive City Stars Mall, private for the resort.

In addition Arco added a touch of beauty Where it has established about 8 swimming pools.

Enjoy the facilities inside :

  • Commercial area

Where you can enjoy the comfort and luxury and enjoy the client within the village

  • Sandy beach

Where The beauty of white sand beaches.

  • International branded hotels

offers full integrated hotel service.

  • Crystal Lagoons

A Huge Artificial lake Characterized by pure water and natural colors where you can swim.

  • Marina for fishing

Where the places designed especially for fishing.

  • Solar energy

Where they provide energy and electricity with solar system around all the project at all times.

  • Security

To provide safety for you and your family within the Compound 24 l 7.

  • Fairmont Beach
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • Sauna

And fans of water games

“Aqua Park on the Beach”:

Classified as the  largest aqua park in the north coast.

City Stars north Coast

Payment Plan :

ARCO Egypt offers different Payment Plan to suit all its customers

Pay 8% upon contract and then 10% as Down payment upon receipt

and the remaining over 6 years equal installments.

It will be a worldwide project

And a landmark at North Coast,

Unlimited luxury.

For Info & Reservation Please Call:


بيانات المشروع
اسم المشروعCity Stars North Coast
الموقعالساحل الشمالى
نوع الوحداتاستديو , شاليهات , فلل , تاونهاوس , توين هاوس
مساحة الوحدات48 م2 ل 383 م2
التشطيبتشطيب كامل
الأسعارتبدا من 2,600,000 جنية
فترة الاستلام3 سنوات
أنظمة السداد0% مقدم و فتره سداد تصل حتى 8 سنوات

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2,198,000 جنيه مصري

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