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Bo Islands North Coast

Bo Islands North Coast Bo Islands North Coast Bo Islands North Coast Bo Islands North Coast Bo Islands North Coast
Bo Islands North Coast Bo Islands North Coast Bo Islands North Coast Bo Islands North Coast Bo Islands North Coast

Bo Islands North Coast Sidi abd elrahman

One of the most wonderful Projects at North Coast Bo Islands Resort that belongs to the great company

Maxim developments . which considered one of the top real estate companies in Egypt that dedicate

Efforts to show the real beauty of north coast at bo islands and Egypt generally .

The departed founder of the company, Mr. Wagdy Karrar, founded the first Maxim Group company in

1980 .a period characterized by changing Root in Egypt. As part of the new era, Maxim devoted her

work to helping Egyptians achieve what they want through translation Their wishes and needs into

reality through an innovative range of projects and services. The company was founded on the basis of

contribution to upgrading The quality of life of Egyptians .

Consequently by taking advantage of all potential opportunities in different sectors of the market and providing projects,

products and services High quality community, ensuring optimum customer

satisfaction and return on investment.

some of the works of Maxim Group :

Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski Ring road

Maxim Country Club Compound New Cairo

Maxim Residence Compound Sherouk City

Bo Islands North Coast Area and Location

Bo Island Resort is located on the north coast of Kilo 120, Alexandria-Matrouh Road and Almeen road

After Marina with only 15 kilos and before Hacienda bay Beside Bo sands North Coast at Sidi Abdel

Rahman Area, Spread On almost 1300 acres of beauty and magic.

Bo Islands North Coast Amenities and Details

Units overlooking the Bo Islands waterfront have four villas, one townhouse and a chalet

As for the areas, Bo Sands North Coast Resort offers a variety of spaces .

Which starts from 60 meters to 584 meters 2 chalets and villas to suit all tastes.

1,138 unit Project Number of units , Certainly The units in Bo sands are delivered with Super Lux

finishing Designed by Spanish architectural practice HCP and English company AECOM. Inspired by the

Bohemian Sensitivity. this is The character expresses itself in the forms of buildings, which are decorated

in works of Top artists like Dali, Mero, Mondrian, Picasso and Van Gogh.

Bo Island also features beach width 800 meters and a depth of the project 1200 meters

Project width: 1,000 m, Above all The project also includes a 5-star hotels , As well as a commercial mall , and

amusement park and medical center, Also an international university.

Therefore Bo Island North Coast is also the first resort in North Coast And North Africa is doing Crystal Lagoons

with the world famous and specialized company For crystal lagoons work .

Some of our Features :

First of all Lagoon Beach Length is 18.5 KM where you can in contrast swim in.

Electric tram for transporting passengers to the beach.

Sea Hub for Parties.

A commercial mall with the most famous brands.

Children’s play area.

Even More..

Medical Center.

clever lakes.


Golf Course.

Spa Services.


Even More..


Club House.

Bo Island project has been implemented to be environmentally friendly.

using solar energy to provide the village with power.

Aqua Park on the beach.


Swimming pools.

Indoor swimming pool for ladies.

Even More..

To move inside the Crystal Lagoons , The Fairy Bo service is provided, which is likewise

a little yacht to move freely inside the Crystal Lagoon .

Security 24 hours.

Payment Plan:

Finally Call us Now and ask for our exclusive Payment Plans , Pay Only 15% DP and the remaining on

5 years equal installments without interest.

For Info & Reservation Please Call:


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